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Rivta Beauty combines the traditional art of bag making with responsible manufacturing practice to bring you beauty bags with 100% handmade quality.

Materials? ONLY the Finest

Each material used in making our beauty bags & accessories is carefully selected by our experts while having the official quality and ecological responsibility certications.

About sustainability

Our process for

Handcrafted delicate details

① Material selection

We first select the finest materials based on your requirements for your creative projects.

② Pattern printing

If printing is needed, according to your final artwork, we start printing the pattern on the fabrics.

③ Fabric cutting

Then the fabrics are taken into the cutting machine, where every part of the bag starts having a shape.

④ Section gluing

Depending on the necessity, a specific amount of specially made adhesive is used to glue sections of the product.

⑤ Sewing process

Our experienced craftsmen will take the body material, lining & hardware, and sew them together.

⑥ Cleaning goods

Finally, every sample is cleaned carefully so there are no stains or handprints for a better & elegant look.

Guarantee for consistent quality

Guarantee for consistent quality

We track our products responsibly under standard certificates and full inspections to ensure the quality as per requirements.

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Premium accessories made from various alternative sources


Rivta Beauty is an international leader and manufacturer since 1990. We design luxuriously glamorous bags, organizers & travel essentials to fit your market.
Our products are sustainable, indulgent, and most importantly, will help you grow your business.
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