Do you know of a better illustration of one man's garbage becoming an object of treasure for another than is the case made of recycled polyester? We don't believe so. The fabric is durable, versatile and is named for the process of recycling old plastic into a new durable, comfortable material. You've probably been able to see "recycled Polyester" printed all over everything from jeans to bags and shirts. The fabric that is used to separate waste is now a sought-after item. What makes the rigid plastic that's in your recycling bin turn into an elastic fabric that feels good? Let's look at the specifics of recycled polyester. Recycled Polyester Cosmetic Bag

What Exactly Is Recycled Polyester?

Like the traditional polyester, is a human-made fabric that is made of synthetic fibers. Instead of using brand new material (e.g. petroleum) recycled polyester makes use of existing plastics to create the fabric. instead of using brand new materials to create the fabric (i.e. petroleum) recycled polyester makes use of the existing plastic. In many cases, those existing plastics are your old water bottles, which are then processed and magically transformed into that awesome beauty bags and accessories next to your desk.

What Is The Process Of Making It?

It’s not magic, but it is. The process for making recycled polyester involves breaking down plastic into smaller, more compact chips, which are then transformed into yarn. The process for making recycled polyester is different based on the method of production. We make focus on the recycled polyester that we employ for our beauty bags and accessories. The ultra-durable fiber is made up of trucks upon trucks of plastic bottles. But only clear bottles serve as the base for dyeing. The labels are removed from the bottles , and they are broken into tiny pieces that resemble glitter made of plastic. The atmosphere of the celebration is right: The reuse of single-use plastics dramatically reduces greenhouse gases than making virgin polyester. The process also leads to significant reductions in the use of water. The plastic pieces are then shaped into tiny pellets, which are then melted into yarn.

Environmental Benefits

Recycled Polyester Yarns Recycled polyester has less environmental impact than conventional polyester due to its limited use of natural materials. Recycled polyester:

Why Should You Choose Recycled Polyester?

The soft and robust fabric is more sustainable than the conventional. It still has the same qualities that made polyester well-known since the beginning of its popularity in 1940. It’s the most suitable option for products that are durable and require high-performance. Below are some photos of the final product made using one of our top recycled polyester options. Recycled Polyester Daily Essential Bag Recycled Polyester Scrunchie Recycled Polyester Tote Bag
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