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Get customized beauty bags & accessories in new ways! With a rich stock of bag components in our own factory, we can offer full sustainable options for your personalized needs.

Body Materials

Lining Fabrics

Branding Logos

Unique Printings

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Rivta offers well-selected recyclable or renewable materials in all sorts to help you customize beauty bags & accessories for various uses with the right materials.

Body Materials
Lining Fabrics


At Rivta Beauty, there is a wide range of colors and sustainable materials available for your required linings.

As working closely with you, we research & develop lining colors that match well with the main body fabric, including waterproof linings, Recycled PET linings - and more.


Stand out uniquely with branding logos. You can choose any custom logo printing based on the beauty bag or accessory design & function.

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silk screen
hot stamping
custom puller
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Want to show private labels? We help you print innovative products using proper methods with any color or design for better uses.

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With our machine facilities, we are capable to assist you in customizing hardware in all styles, colors & sizes according to your needs.

We can supply you with zippers, pullers, handles - and more made of Recycled PET, metal, nylon in various styles.

Hardware Options

Rivta Beauty is an international leader and manufacturer since 1990. We design luxuriously glamorous bags, organizers & travel essentials to fit your market.
Our products are sustainable, indulgent, and most importantly, will help you grow your business.
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